Busted Headlights? Here’s What You Need To Know When Buying A Replacement Headlight


The headlights of the car are an important part of the vehicle that goes unnoticed until there is trouble. Driving down a dark road with busted headlights is dangerous for all motorists, not to mention illegal when caught by the police. Since this part of the car isn’t given a lot of thought it makes the task of replacement a little confusing for most drivers.


Car owners who are noticing that their vehicle’s headlights is starting to fade or is no longer functioning should be looking into used Mercedes body parts for replacement. In order to make the right choice when purchasing a replacement, these are some essential car headlights basics everyone should know:

Why replace the headlights?

The simple answer: because you need to see the road when driving. No car should ever venture out in the dark road without proper lighting because this puts everyone else in danger. Don’t delay headlight replacement just because you believe you have excellent night vision. The moment it becomes dim, start looking for a replacement bulb.

Tip: Switch from yellow lights to brighter LED or Xenon bulbs because they last longer and tend to be at least 30% brighter than halogen lights.

When is the best time to replace the headlights?

The first clear sign that the headlights need immediate replacing is when you are having trouble seeing the road ahead when night falls. This indicates that the headlights are losing its ability to provide adequate lighting. When the lights begin to flicker, replacement should not be delayed any further, a flickering headlight usually means it is about to give up soon. Start looking into used Mercedes body parts for more affordable options.

Tip: Replace both of the lights at the same time. Doing this ensures that both headlights have more or less the same lifespan ahead and equally bright lights that are not distracting to other drivers.

Which type of headlights is best for cars?

There are three types of bulbs: halogen, LED, and Xenon or HID. Halogen lights are considered old school and tend to produce a warmer light than the other two types. These are most common in cars that have never had their headlights changed.

LED requires less power to operate than halogen lights and tend to run cooler as well. These lights also tend to last longer but are more expensive than halogen bulbs. Xenon or HID lights use gas and are brighter than both halogen and LED bulbs, also have a relatively low operating temperature, and last longer. The downside to Xenon lights is the price tag which is significantly higher because it required a professional for installation.

What factors should be considered aside from the type of bulb?

If you are unsure of the type of headlight your car needs, inspect the vehicle’s user manual. This usually includes a suggestion for the best headlight bulb to use as a replacement. Otherwise, factor in your budget, the level of brightness you prefer, and the color temperature that you deem appropriate when looking for a good headlight replacement.

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