The 4C Gets Set for Summer


Alfa Romeo’s gorgeous 4C two-seater sports car is generally accepted to be the best model from the Italian company in years. It has conquered the automotive press and the public, winning rave reviews and a slew of awards, and is about to get even more exciting for the summer with the release of a 4C Spider, a convertible version of the original car for some serious Italian Riviera style while you’re cruising to the supermarket.

When and Where?

The 4C coupe has done a lot to revive Alfa Romeo’s image after some lacklustre performance in the last few years, and the Spider version has been eagerly awaited by the industry. If you can’t wait to feel the wind in your hair, find Alfa Romeo dealers at and organise a test drive ready for the Spider’s arrival this summer. The car was revealed in its final production format earlier this year at the Detroit Motor Show and is set for release in the UK in July.


The 4C Spider boasts the same 237bhp four-cylinder 1.7 litre turbocharged engine and dual-clutch six-speed transmission as the coupe and, thanks to some clever engineering, its performance figures remain almost exactly the same, as mechanical adjustments to compensate for the loss of roof have added only about 10kg to the kerb weight. This means about 4.1 seconds to accomplish the 60mph sprint and a top speed of 160mph.


However, the 4C was never designed for brutal speed. Its beauty is in its handling, as it pours around corners like golden syrup out of a jar, thanks to the lightweight construction and rear-wheel-drive layout which have characterised the best Alfa sports cars. Drivers can specify one of four driving modes from a choice of Natural, All Weather, Dynamic and Race. The coupe’s choice of standard and racing exhausts is accompanied by an optional Akrapovic lightweight exhaust in the Spider for extra burble.

In fact, it’s everything you expect of an Italian sports car – an entertaining and exhilarating drive with the show-stopping looks of a supermodel. It’s one of the most exciting new car releases of 2015.

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