Classic Car Transport


Classic cars have a way of taking us back in time that few other things ever do.  Collected, refurbished with loving care, and paid a great deal of attention to every time you are on the road, classic cars are special. So, it comes as no surprise that people who own them want to show them off. However, what if you want to transport your classic car to a show but you cannot drive it? Thankfully there is an option, and it is far more creative than you may think. Let’s discuss classic car transport and why auto body shops specializing in classic car restoration should be your top choice.

What Is Classic Car Transport?

Classic car transport is any transportation of classic cars to and from a show, an individual’s property, or even to a new owner. Classic car transport is considered different than regular car transport in that they are specifically designed for classic cars.  The most important thing is that the car is not damaged, meaning that additional safety features are built into the transport. All of this is designed to help ensure that the classic car remains in one peace and undamaged as it makes its way to its destination. So, who provides classic car transportation?

Who Provides Classic Car Transport?

This is where things get interesting. Most auto body shops that specialize in classic cars have a classic car transport. While used on occasion, they mainly go unused, representing a potential source of revenue as well as a service that you may be able to take advantage of. An auto body shop will have experience loading and unloading classic cars, making them the perfect people to help you move your priceless vehicle.

What Should I Ask Over The Phone?

The first thing you should do is collect information on every auto body shop specializing in classic cars in your area. Check online to see if they offer this service and write down the price they are requesting. Call every auto body shop regardless of whether or not this service is offered, and ask each one if you can rent their service and vehicle. While a few may say no, the majority will be up for renting out their services to your needs.Get a quote from every person and then go with the lowest quote that you feel comfortable pursuing. If the difference between a terrible service and an excellent service is an additional 10 pounds, then it is worth going for the better and more expensive service.

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