Some facts for the BMW Lover


Do you have a fascination for BMW cars? Do you really wish to purchase one? But, are you aware of all the features of your favourite BMW? BMW is supposedly one of the outstanding cars in terms of design, look, performance, innovation and technology. The German manufacturers have made it a point to introduce new features to entice the loyal BMW patrons. Pay a visit to the Santa Maria BMW once you know about all the specifications of the car and are absolutely ready to purchase it.

Dynamic and Luxurious Design

The unique design feature of the BMW provides a unique appearance with versatile presence. The aesthetic appeal of the car along with the contemporary update provides a distinctive exterior design appearance. Moreover the spacious and elegant interior design provides a vibrant 3 dimensional view as well. The seats are so well designed that the comfort zone of the passengers is enhanced to an ultimate level.


BMW cars are not only about the design. There’s something more to add to it. The advanced technologies used for the cars are simply spellbinding. There’s often a balance maintained between the performance of the engine and the fuel consumption. Also, the latest technology provides superb improvement in the level of the vehicular efficiency as well. The latest advanced diesel technology helps in emission reduction to a huge extent. The automatic transmission technology offers a high precision control functions as well. The efficient dynamics technology, refined chassis technology, all wheel drive technology provide a superb driving dynamics along with a high comfort level. The power steering features with customized accelerator response provides a stable and consistent braking performance. The active steering present helps in providing a precision response even at higher speeds. The performance dynamic controller enables split control coupled with optimized efficiencies.

Safety Features

Yet another important feature of the BMW cars is the safety package. This includes a warning system to prevent the pedestrian collision. The safety system determines the number of airbags in case of any defect or impact.  Also, the night driving feature available in the cars make it safer for night driving. The eCall feature of the BMW Assist provides algorithm for auto collision and urgent algorithm to prevent vehicular crashes. Also, under unforeseen circumstances and accidents, information is sent to the call centre of the BMW automatically.

The highly sophisticated features of the BMW cars revolutionize the concept of control and stability for power dynamics and a superb function.

All these features make use of innovation for the luxury BMW models to offer a taste of driving potential to the BMW enthusiasts. With all the features incorporated, a BMW Dealer tries its best to gain customer loyalty based on highly satisfactory customer satisfaction. The friendly sales team work with utmost commitment and determination to help customers discuss the various options, gain a lot of value and go for test drive as well. Also, the customer service team provided by the dealers of the BMWs make it a comfortable stay for the customers coming for servicing of their cars.

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