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There are several ways to sell a car, including the traditional ways of part-exchange (trading a car in for value deducted from the price of a new car) and selling the vehicle privately. Generally speaking, a private sale of the car will get the buyer more money than part-exchange, but part-exchange can be a fair deal without the time and hassle involved in selling privately. Though these are traditional methods of selling or getting rid of an old vehicle, in the day and age of the internet other very good options are now available.

As mentioned, a part-exchange, trade-in, or dealer sale (all names for the same thing) is one of the quickest and simplest methods for selling a car, especially when a dealer is keen on selling you a newer vehicle. In this case the dealer is very likely to give you a relatively good price for the old car. Private sale can be onerous and quite time consuming as well as costly when having to pay for adverts. Selling privately has been made a bit easier when using one or several of the online car sales websites and there are also options for auctioning the car online at sites like eBay. The latter can be quick and easy, but does involve a bit of risk unless you are quite informed as to what you are doing.

Sell a Car Online

One of the newest options to sell your car online is by selling it to an online buying company. This is a very quick and easy alternative to selling a vehicle privately or to a dealer. Other than part-exchange, it is probably the most hassle free method for selling a vehicle. It may be a good option if the car has high mileage or the condition is lacking a bit, making it unattractive or more difficult to sell privately or not piquing the interest of a dealer for part-exchange. The online car buyers do not make judgments about the vehicle; instead they simply value the car as it is. Typically the car buying company will have an instant valuation process on their site that is free; it will tell you exactly what your car is worth to sell quickly, easily, and securely. Sellers enter their vehicle registration with all other details relating to condition and then receive a free no-obligation quote for the car or van. Some sites which allow you to sell your car also offer a price promise guarantee so you are confident you are getting the best price. In fact, the process is so fast and easy that it can be started and finished the same day, with the money being placed in your bank the same day you sell the car.

Regardless of the method you use to sell your vehicle, make sure you are getting a fair market value for the car. Approach the process as objectively as possible, keeping in mind that condition, age, and mileage all have an effect on the value of any vehicle. While the internet makes it easy to sell your vehicle online, the internet also makes it easy for you to research the fair valuation of your vehicle. Due diligence will allow you to get the best price.

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