Sell Your RV

Is It Time To Sell Your RV Now? Your Odometer Has the Answer


Did you know that every year millions of car owners sell off their used vehicles due to rising repair and maintenance costs? A recreational vehicle (RV) is no exception. With every turn of the odometer, your beloved home-on-wheels inches toward a bigger and more expensive maintenance episode. With an eye on the odometer, you can make a study into its major mileage points and guess when a big servicing is imminent. As the vehicle grows old, and attains significant mileage milestones, the maintenance costs starts to surge. In fact, at some point, repairing expenses may even exceed the fuel costs. This is the time, when you should get rid of your dated vehicle for all practical purposes. The checklist below will help you make up your mind whether to bid adieu to your darling or not.

Sell Your RV

First Mileage Milestone: 30,000-40,000 Miles

Top RV brands come with a manufacturer’s warranty that lasts for three years or expire at 36,000 miles – whichever comes first. A vehicle’s first prominent servicing is expected at this mileage point. In the USA, this may cost you between 300 and 400 dollars. In addition to basic oil change and tyre rotation, the servicing also includes repairing of brakes and tyres, among others.

You can put your vehicle up for sale soon after it attains the 36,000-mileage milestone, and thus avoid costs associated with the first major servicing. However, a smart buyer may cash in on the fact that your vehicle has not received this vital servicing and may offer a low opening quote.

Second Mileage Milestone: 60,000-70,000 Miles

At 60,000 miles, your RV is due for its second major servicing. This may leave you poorer by nearly 1000 dollars as at this stage you may need to replace the timing belt – an item that alone costs nearly 600 dollars in many parts of the US. If not changed at the right time, the belt may break, eventually causing serious damage to engine. At this stage, your rig may also need new tyres and brakes. If you decide to sell your RV at this stage, you can make a handsome profit.

Third Turning Point: 100,000 Miles

Beyond 100,000 miles, there will be a sharp drop in your RV’s value. In the US, RVs with 100,000 miles on them are seldom sold to private buyers. In most of the cases, they are sent to used-vehicle auctions, where they are bought by dealers at wholesale prices. Therefore, it makes sense in selling your RV while it has still not crossed the notorious 100,000-mile mark.

Beyond 100,000 Miles

Once the odometer crosses the 100,000 miles mark, your RV is likely to demand for more attention, necessitating garage visits for every 30,000 or 40,000 miles. At this stage, both the interiors and the exterior will start showing its age. In addition, it will call for other costly repairs as well. Add up all the expected repairing costs and compare it with the resale value of your car. Consult trusted auto valuation sites such as National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) to find out what your RV’s worth at this point is. If you find that in the upcoming days, you will have to bear huge repairing expenses which may exceed what the car is currently worth, then it makes sense to dispose it off, right away.

Now that you know all about millstone mileage and how it affects a vehicle’s value, you should keep an eye on your odometer to know if it is time for you to sell your RV now. A diligent study into mileage points will help you get a fair price for your vehicle when you sell it.

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