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Pitfalls of Buying a Used RV for Sale from Private Owner


There are basically two ways of buying a used RV for sale — one is directly buying from a private seller, and the other is buying it from a registered dealer. Both can be rewarding sources of buying an RV but often when you strike a deal with a private owner, you may end up buying a story rather than an RV. Wondering how and why? With no monitoring authority, private sellers may mislead you and you pay much higher than the ongoing market rate. You might even not get any warranty or free service to address any future issues, overall making it a recipe for disaster.

While buying from a trusted owner or an old acquaintance might not come with such risks, first time buyers are always recommended to go through a broker that deals with buying and selling of used RVs. If you are still in mood to give brokers a miss and save some dollars on the commission, here’re a few pitfalls associated with buying an RV from a private owner that you might want to be informed about. Weigh each of these and then decide.

Used RV for Sale

No Support

The basic rule of law in every business is ‘Buyer Beware’. The only thing that keeps a dealer accountable and maintains his market reputation in order to secure future business is avoid bad word of mouth. On the other hand, a private seller has no such motivation for fair and honest dealings. If he can get you to sign the dotted line, he is free of any obligation as he has no fear of reputation.

No Financing Plan

RV dealers offer financing options and therefore you don’t have to pay the entire amount of your trailer up front. This can help you to buy an RV now instead of having to wait until you save the entire purchase price. On the contrary, a private seller will not offer payment plans on installments and you have to make the whole payment at the time of purchase.

No After Sale Assistance

When you buy an RV or a trailer from a private seller, you will not get any assistance after sale even if there are areas to be addressed. You may need to park your trailer until your campsite is ready, have it delivered, set it up and figure out how to tow it.

Stressful Shopping

Buying an RV from a private seller can be stressful because you won’t get options to compare the features and layouts from different options as against a dealer’s lot. Shopping at dealer’s place with a slew of RVs lined up lets you choose your dream vehicle from a wide collection of used units. This makes easy for easy comparison before you buy the one that suits your needs the best.

No Orientation

Buying an RV from a private seller may not get you any assistance to figure out how to operate all the appliances and systems in the RV. A private sale ends with a limited walk through and explanation of how things work. Most of them will just give you the keys and you are on your own to figure it out. A dealer, meanwhile, will demonstrate the functioning of each and every part till you are satisfied.

There are a number of private sellers available in the market, offering used RVs for sale at attractive prices. However, you must be aware about these pitfalls of entering into a deal with a private seller to avoid a bad buy. Purchasing an RV is a hefty investment so consider the drawbacks before purchasing an RV for sale by owner especially if you are a first-time buyer.

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