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Getting the MOT Test Done


The MOT Test is a very important roadworthiness test that you need to undertake for your car. It needs to be taken once a year and you can get it done at any local workshop that is authorised by the MOT. The test is designed to determine whether your vehicle is safe for the roads or not, and whether its emissions are under the specified limits. Some of the important parts of the MOT test include:

Test Done

Checking engine performance

  • Checking the emissions
  • Checking safety features in the car

You should look for an experienced MOT in Plymouth if you want to get the test done from an experienced mechanic. Here are a few important pointers that you should follow before booking the MOT test for your vehicle.

Run a Systems Check

First and foremost, you need to run a systems check and make sure that there are no error codes in the vehicle. If you think you might fail and want to avoid paying for two tests, just use an OBDII scanner and find out if there are any error codes yourself. You can then get them repaired on the cheap first before taking the car for a test.

Set a Convenient Time

The test will usually run for a couple of hours, so you will have to wait outside while it’s being conducted. Therefore, you should set a convenient date and time for the test, so that there’s no hurry. Afterwards, the company shall prepare a comprehensive report highlighting the results of the test and a certificate.

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