An Extended Auto Warranty Can Help In Many Ways


Every automobile manufacturer offers some kind of warranty or the other on their products. These are pretty standard offerings and can cover most of the problems that an automobile may develop. However, in some cases customers can enjoy the benefits of an extended auto warranty as well.

What is an extended auto warranty?

As the term denotes, an extended warranty on your automobile is characterized by a few things:

  • Being an extension or prolonging of the standard warranty offered by the manufacturer
  • Having an extra cost attached to it
  • Encompassing terms and conditions that may be different from the standard warranty in a few cases
  • Exclusions of certain items and
  • Being a service contract that the owner of a vehicle enters into with a specific auto warranty provider.

There are quite a few benefits that an extended car warranty can deliver and here is looking at some of them.

Extension of warranty

An extended auto warranty is an extension of the original warranty and this in itself can be a source of great convenience and confidence. With such an extended warranty you can rest assured that:

  • You are covered as far as the warranty on specific automotive components are concerned even after the warranty expires
  • Expensive and most importantly unexpected repair costs can be looked after and
  • A warranty will also come into play even after the mileage restrictions have kicked in.

It is sometimes a question of mileage

Most automobiles have a ‘shelf life’ which is linked to the number of miles that the vehicle has covered. Manufacturers of such automobiles will give you a warranty based on the number of miles that they consider optimum. For instance, a particular brand of automobile manufacturer may offer a 100,000 mile power train warranty and yet another may offer a 36,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty.

But what happens when this mileage restriction has lapsed? Repair costs during this time can prove to be rather high but with an extended warranty the car is protected even beyond these mileage restrictions, you can enjoy huge financial savings.

Timing of the repairs

Everybody knows that major repair costs generally arise with longevity of ownership and this also means that a manufacturer’s warranty would have expired. With an extended auto warranty, you can enjoy a huge reduction as far as the costs of owning your vehicle is concerned. You can take care of all the major repair work that may arise and even look after your more expensive components very easily.

Unexpected repair costs have a higher chance of occurring with an older vehicle. Therefore, it becomes essential to have an extended auto warranty that can take care of such unexpected repair costs.

Considering the vast amount of flexibility and the number of plans that leading warranty providers have, you can easily find out about the kind of components that you can include in your specific warranty plan. This will give you the opportunity to cover systems that are prone to higher repair or failure rates in your automobile.


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