A Brief Guide to Finding a Car Model for your Teen


People with experience behind the wheel know how dangerous driving can be. This is why we get incredibly nervous when our children mature enough to actually have a driving license. We know how much they will enjoy adventurous driving and this scares us for a reason. However, here is something we can do. We can buy them a car that will make them at least a little bit safer.

However, this is not very easy, since many kids will probably ask for some cars that we would never buy for them. On the other hand, you should buy your child a car that he or she won’t despise. After all, we do want our children to enjoy. So, what are the steps in finding the perfect balance?

Get to know your child’s desires

Talk to your teen and see what kind of a car he or she would like. Try to turn their attention to practicality rather than fun by pointing out the good features of the cars you want. If you want them to drive a small car, say it’ll consume less fuel and it’ll be a lot easier to park – novice drivers usually have issues with parking in tight spaces. If you want to buy them a cheaper car, make sure you emphasize that they can use it as a practice car and that they don’t need to worry about a bump or a scratch here and there.

Use their desires to suit your purpose

If your child wants a stylish, or an unusually designed car, make sure you put the spotlight on a car that is stylish, but not so fast – a VW Beetle for example. If your child is after a classy car filled with electronic perks, turn his attention to some older higher-class cars, which are cheaper to buy and service, but also offer a lot of comfort – a Chrysler 300, or an older BMW 5 Series , or Mercedes E-Class which are still sure to bear a lot of class and street cred. If he is after a convertible, rather than giving him a topless V6, recommend an MX-5.

Make safety vital

Yeah, you knew this one already. This is a no brainer – simply make it clear that the car needs to feature utmost safety. This is one thing you should by no means negotiate over.

Go with reliable cars

A beginner is very likely to have troubles with operating a clutch on a manual transmission, or drive over curbs and speed bumps recklessly. So, if you don’t want to drive your teen’s car to the service very often and spend loads of money on replacing suspensions or clutches, make sure you opt for a reliable machine. The good thing is that reliable cars are usually made by respected brands, so this should not be an issue.

If you can afford it…

If you are reasonably well off it will be difficult to explain to your child why you want to buy a cheap or underpowered car. He will, probably, ask for a powerful and expensive car with a big engine. Well, there is actually a way to provide your offspring with exclusivity and high class and still keep your teen away from a modern supercar power. Buy an exclusive classic. You can opt for some relatively common models such as the classic Porsche 911, or you can go with ultimate distinctiveness and find some very exclusive models online. This is what will make your child incredibly proud – and that for a reason – and make you sleep tight at night knowing that he won’t enter a race with such a car.

One way or the other, you should make sure not to get into an argument with your child over the purchase. It is important for your teen to like the car, but it is also far more important for him to be safe, so finding some middle ground is the best option for everyone.

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