What does it take to transform an average car to a race car

What does it take to transform an Average Car to a Race Car?


If you were to compare the average car with a race car, the components an average car packs are less than that in a race car, naturally. The reason is the use an average is used for. It is not meant to be raced with occasional over speeding but that’s it.

Normal cars can be tweaked only so much when it comes to getting them ready for race. However, there are few things which can be done so that it gives you a near race car experience both in terms of its looks and performance.

Addition of fan for ventilation

In normal cars fans can be installed on top of a front hood being welded as a whole. This allows for ventilation inside which allows other parts to breathe alright. This is needed especially at higher speeds. As you may be aware that race cars functions are by default like this that is why average cars tailored accordingly to give you a more race car like feel.

Two fans are inserted into radiator fab so that the air can be sucked in from the engine leading to the cooling of engine which also paves way for increased engine life and resultantly, it performs well.

AC pipe to serve as a Transcooler

Any Transcooler’s basic purpose is to bring down the temperature of oil down. In other words, it cools down the oil. If we talk about race car, the cooling capacity is available at a higher level. In the average car, if we plant a hood it comes close to being Transcooler of a race car.

How is it achieved? It is achieved through the pipe in condenser from an AC unit of export cars from Japan. Usually, this custom Transcooler is bigger than your average one and is stronger than the relatively weaker one already installed in its place. This provides greater capacity to cool the oil of an overheated portion of the car.

Decoration required for transforming average into race car level

You can begin by installing a Roof Rail. It can be done by cutting any skate board or simply that part of the car. You will also notice that there is tomato cane being used by some race car fanatics, for of course, decoration. Aptly put, for the noise factor.

Apart from this, even painting and other installation of accessories can give your car a sports look. If we talk about the body, it includes front, side and rear bumper which can turn your car into an aerodynamic car, fully suited for a sports run coupled with front fender etc.


Above are some way in which you can achieve the much needed sport look and feel from your average car. However, how much of it actually works is bit of a gamble as we don’t know for sure.

Although, much of these recommendations have been mainly from race car enthusiasts so above measures are not a word from Gospel. If you do wish to experiment, by all means be our guest.

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