How Electric Cars Could Potentially Change the Automotive Industry


In recent years, the hybrid car has turned out to be one of the most popular automotive trends. With more and more people raising concerns about the environment plus the high-cost of gasoline, the thought of purchasing a vehicle which can run on different types of fuel notably electricity makes more sense.

Whether or not to buy a hybrid car usually depends on the type and amount of driving you do. Many governments are encouraging the purchase of hybrid cars. This means that buyers might be able to receive special warranty provisions, incentives, tax deductions plus the right to drive the car in (HOV) High Occupancy Vehicle lanes. Hybrid cars do not have marked-differences with traditional cars; you don’t need any special driving skills or handling.


A hybrid car often gets a great deal mileage when compared to the usual average car, in some cases it is up to 10%, and it emits 97% less toxins into the surroundings. These types of cars are lighter and have a gentler impact on soft terrain and roads. A car which can run on electricity is a huge benefit taking into account the regular increase in price of gasoline. Most motorists who decide to purchase these types of cars, however, mention a “feel good factor” as the major reason for purchasing a hybrid; most feel like this is their way of contributing to a much greener environment.

Generally, hybrid cars are cheap to run. They use both an electric motor engine and a regular gas engine. This means that they operate just like the normal gas powered car but are quieter. The electric motor engine boosts the engine power when overtaking. It also shuts down when you’re not using the accelerator. Hybrid cars are now available in many models. This means that you can get everything from SUVs, midsize family cars, and even the full size pickups.

It is a safe bet that motorists will make a switch to electric hybrid cars from gas powered ones. The automotive industry is slowly shifting to new trends and this one is guaranteed to leave a mark. All the same, there is one thing that won’t change – the fact that there are careless drivers out there who could cause an accident. Some car accidents not only result in serious injury but could also set you back in terms of a lengthy hospital stay or repairs. If you happen to be involved in a car accident (or know of someone who has) then contact Abels & Annes personal injury lawyers.

The psychological trauma of knowing that you will miss a few days of work due to injury or the fact that you’ve got to part with some cash in order to repair your electric hybrid car can take a toll on you. Get peace of mind and get compensation for hospital bills, repairs and lost income.

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