Four Things People Forget When Figuring Out How Much Is Car Worth


With so many resources available today, it can be very easy to simply think that you can place an ad for your car online and attract interest right away. Considering the fact that 41,250,000 used cars were sold over the course of 2014, making it the best year for used car sales since 2007, that notion can be a little difficult to dispel.
However, it is not always so simple. While the web has certainly refined the process considerably, there are still a number of factors that people often forget when trying to calculate exactly how much is car worth.

1. Online Resources
As we have already mentioned it, let’s start with the resources that are available online. The rise of car buying companies, such as, has made it much easier to simply get rid of a vehicle quickly and easily.
However, what is often forgotten is that such resources can also be used to provide a quick valuation for the vehicle. As you are under no obligation to sell once obtaining a quote, a good way to get an approximate value for the car is to get a quote and work from there.
2. Inspections
Small issues with the vehicle can cause a car sale to fall flat in an instant, or at the very least will reduce the amount of money that a seller can ask for. As such, getting an inspection completed beforehand is crucial.
A proper inspection should cost in the region of $150-200 and will need to be carried out by a licensed professional. Who can inspect the vehicle will vary from state to state, so be sure to know who to take the car to before spending your money.
3. Check the Tires
A car’s tires are often the first thing that is checked when a buyer comes to view the vehicle, as they are the easiest thing to look at. The standard kick of the tire can cost you as much as $700 per tire if you have failed to maintain them correctly.
This is a problem that is easily rectified. If you know that one your tires have seen better days, it is often a better idea to spend the $30-40 it takes to replace it than allow the buyer to mentally devalue the car as soon as they see it.
4. No Emotions
Sentimentality can be a huge problem when it comes to selling any item, especially with cars. Considering the fact that around a quarter of people currently name their car, it is easy to see how people can get a little attached.
This attachment needs to be discarded as soon as you make the decision to sell. Otherwise, your personal opinion of the vehicle can lead to exaggeration of its value, which will put potential buyers off quickly.
Figuring out how much is car worth can be more difficult than it first appears. The above are just a few of the factors your need to remember to consider to make the process as smooth as possible.

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