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Car Tips for to Get Your Car Summer Ready by Like New Automotive


Spring is almost over and soon it’s time to get your vehicle ready for the summer. This is now the time to wash and wax your car to make it look immaculate. Winter’s despair on your car due to street salt is truly washed away. Go a head, put away the snow shovels, the gloves, and the snows boots, and store them away for next winter. The summer time is approaching very soon and it’s time to get your car ready.

Some planning now will help make sure that your mid-year driving plans will go as easily as you can imagine and plan. Like New Automotive in VA offer the accompanying tips on getting your vehicle prepared for the hot summer.

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Here are a few car tips to consider for the summer:

  1. Read the car owner’s manual and follow the scheduled maintenance plan accordingly. You need to correct any car issues now such as hard starts, rough idling and stalling. It will save your time and money in the long run.
  1. Flush and refill radiator as per owner’s manual. Periodically, check all the levels, conditions, and concentration of the coolants.
  1. Change the car oil and oil filter as specified in your owner’s manual. Make sure you use the correct product for your car or will risk unnecessary repairs.
  1. Have all belts, light bulbs, and hoses checked by a qualified auto professional who is properly trained.
  1. Have the car’s air conditioner system checked by a qualified auto professional and ASE certified technician.
  1. Change all filters (air, fuel, PCV, and so forth.) as suggested by the owner’s manual.
  1. Check your tires, including the spare to make sure it is not deflated. Continuously check tire pressure when the tires get cold.
  1. Replace wiper cutting edges and keep a lot of washer dis-solvable close by to battle summer’s dust and creepy crawlies.

If you are not one of those do-it-yourself types, look for an Auto Repair shop in your local area such as Like New Automotive that utilizes ASE auto specialists. Finding a quality and affordable auto mechanic is hard to find so if you do decide to have work performed on your car, make sure they are ASE certified technicians. If you need help with any of these car tips contact Like New Automotive in Falls Church, VA today or by visiting

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