Auto Accident Claims: What NOT to Do After a Car Accident


You may not like to consider it, but every time you get into a car you are at risk of an accident. Even the most careful driver in the world could encounter someone driving recklessly, and be involved in an accident caused by someone else. If you do end up in a car accident, it is important to do the right thing, especially if you feel you could make a claim for personal injury damages. Here are the things you shouldn’t do in the event of an auto accident.

  1. Fail to Stop

Leaving the scene of a crash is an offence, even if you think that no damage has been done and that the crash was minor. Whether or not you caused the accident, you need to stop, turn your hazard lights on, and get out of the car.

  1. Don’t Call the Police

If someone is injured in the crash then you should contact the police and the ambulance services as soon as possible. If the cars are blocking the road, you should also call the police.

  1. Withhold Your Address

You are obliged to give your details, name and address, to the other people involved in a car crash. Don’t withhold details or it could cause problems later on. You should also get the names and addresses of anyone else involved, and any witnesses.

  1. Accept the Blame or Say Sorry

Avoid telling people you are sorry for causing the accident, and avoid accepting blame until you know exactly what the circumstances of the accident were, say solicitors If you accept blame this could make it more difficult to make a personal injury claim later. Stay silent and don’t enter into conversations with the other drivers about who was at fault.

  1. Fail to Collect Detailed Information

If you believe that the accident was not your fault and you are considering making a claim for legal compensation it helps if you collect as much information as possible at the scene of the accident. Details include the positioning of the vehicles on the road (take a photo or make a sketch), the time of the crash, the weather conditions, and anything unusual about the road such as lack of road markings or no barriers around road works. It helps to take pictures, according to, not just to use as evidence but also to help you remember key details about the incident when you may not be thinking straight at the time of the crash.

  1. Leave it Too Long to Claim

There are time limits to making a car accident injury claim so get in touch with a specialist solicitor as soon as possible after the accident. If you are not sure whether you can make a claim, discussing the accident with a professional will help ensure you are making the right decision. If you have been injured, make sure you keep records of all medical treatment and any medical or work problems that you have as a result of the accident.

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