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When Filling Your Car With Fuel Goes Wrong


Such a simple task is what we think when we go to fill our cars with fuel at the gas station. A new study shows that in fact over 150,000 motorists don’t actually think while being at the fuel pump and filling their car with fuel. This has caused over 150,000 motorists across the UK to put petrol in a diesel car or diesel in a petrol car every year. This shocking new figure released by the Automobile Association has shed light on a problem that most people don’t even realize is possible. Over 50% of motorists who put the wrong fuel in their car, don’t actually realize until the vehicle conks out on them as they drive away from the fuel station. This problem used to be resolved by getting your breakdown service provider to tow your vehicle to a garage for them to conduct the work costing you time, money and disrupting a day or more due to your vehicle being out of use. There is now however a new technology on the market provided by Wrong Fuel Recovery who offers a fully mobile fuel drain service on location. This means they can attend your vehicle within an hour of your phone call and can safely drain and flush the fuel system so that no more contaminated fuel is in the system or any of its components. Once this has been complete your vehicle can then be filled with the correct fuel and your vehicle is then started and you are free to continue your journey.

diesel car

It doesn’t matter if the vehicle has been started or not as all the fuel in the vehicle will need to be removed as soon as the wrong fuel is put into the fuel tank. Wrong Fuel Recovery only employs the highest trained wrong fuel engineers to drain the petrol from your diesel car or diesel from your petrol car. Due to this, it has built up our reputation and has made Wrong Fuel Recovery the UK’s number one wrong fuel in car experts covering 80% of the country. So no matter where you might find yourself, you can be sure that in most cases Wrong Fuel Recovery will be able to attend your vehicle within one hour and will drain your cars fuel tank and get your vehicle back on the road. For more information on what to do if you have put petrol in a diesel car or diesel in a petrol car or to simply arrange for a 24-hour emergency wrong fuel call out, call Wrong Fuel Recovery immediately on 0800 772 3842. Wrong Fuel Recovery is a part of the WF Recovery Group.

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