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During the fall months, it is really very important to be a cautious driver and at the same time your car also needs some attention. You must prepare your car well in advance so that you don’t have to face any difficulty later on. Here are 10 practical tips which would help you to get your car ready for fall.

  1. Check your car brakes and tires

Such weather as well as the tough road conditions associated with it requires a good stopping power. It would simply mean good car brakes as well as car tires. If your car tires bars which you are able to see, then your experts would surely advice you to replace your car tires. There are a lot of brake shops which would inspect your car brakes at no charge. Make it a point to get your car tire pressure checked as it might drop if the temperature outside plummets. There are some specific pressures which would be recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, make sure you keep the pressure at same level.

  1. Check the lights

Just walk around your car and carefully check the operation of all the working lights like the headlights, taillights, car brake lights and even the parking lights. You will find that there are some broken bulbs as well as some which have stopped working, so must get all of them replaced as soon as possible. All your car lights should be clean. If have an older vehicle which has sealed beam headlamps, then you can even shift towards halogen lamps which would allow better visibility as well as safer driving.

  1. Replace wiper blades

The main function of the wiper blades is to fully clear your car windshields. If your car blades are worn out or cracked, then it won’t be able to perform its job accurately. Carefully check your blade’s rubber to check if it is flexible or not and operate the wipers to check if the blades clear the glass or not. Now if your blades are worn out, then replace them carefully.

  1. Make sure that your heater and defroster work.

It is not at all safe to drive with an improper heater. If you will drive with fogged up windows, then an accident can happen anytime. Carefully check the front as well as rear window defrosters to ensure the proper working condition. If there are any such problems, then you must get your heater and defroster systems repaired as soon as possible.

  1. Have the car battery checked.

If the weather outside is cold, then you must keep your battery fully charged to start your car. Get your car battery as well as its charging system inspected by a mechanic so that he would tell you to get it replaced if required. If you find some signs of corrosions on your car battery terminals or you find loose connections, then your car battery needs immediate attention.

  1. Inspect under the hood.

If you will look under the car hood, then you will be able to identify the items which should be replaced or fixed. Search for the leaks and cracks in your car’s cooling system and if you find anything that is spongy feeling or brittle, then you must replace it as soon as possible. You should also inspect the underside of the drive belts and replace them if you find any requirement. If you have heard some sort of noises from your car engine or any other problems, then just visit a mechanic who would inform you about the necessary repairs.


  1. Change oil and air filter

If your car oil is dirty and it is time to change your car oil, then change it as soon as possible. One more thing which you should check here is that the air filter should be clean enough so that the operation is carried out properly. When you hold a bulb in front and you cannot see the light passing through it, then it is the correct time to replace the air filter.

  1. Refill cooling system

When your car engine is cold, then you must check the coolant level in the overflow tank. If you want a proper antifreeze capability, then you should add equal amount of water and coolant to increase the level. There may also be a need to refill the cooling system.

  1. Check all the fluid levels

There are a number of fluids used in automobiles like the washer fluid, brake as well as steering fluids. Make it a point to check that of them are at or above the minimum safe levels and you should refill them if required.

  1. Get a good car wash

You might be thinking that this is something crazy, but it would really work. But if you will get an extra special wash or even a detail, then you will be able to spot potential problems very easily.

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