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Master cylinder and its applications in automotive engineering


Master cylinder is the controlling device which is used in automotive engineering. The function of master cylinder is that is converts non hydraulic pressure into hydraulic pressure. There is another device which controls this phenomenon is called slave cylinder. Slave cylinder is located on other side of hydraulic brake system. When the piston moves along the master cylinder, hydraulic fluid transfers this movement which results in the movement of slave cylinder. As a result a hydraulic pressure is creative by moving the piston and pressure goes through slave cylinder which eventually compresses the fluid in an even way.

Applications of master cylinder in automotive engineering

There are number of vehicles which use master cylinder to ensure various functions of vehicle and it is majorly used in the brake and clutch system of the vehicle. In braking system the operational devices are cylinders and these cylinders are called wheel cylinders and salve cylinders as well because when someone pushes the brake pads towards the wheel’s surface they create a friction against the rotating surface area. In this way by creating the friction against the rotating surface they are able to withstand heat and they don’t wear down so rapidly. Brake system of an auto car vehicle works in this way.

When we take a notice of clutch system of vehicle we come to know that here master cylinder are called as slave cylinders and this slave cylinder moves the bearing until and unless a high-frictioned material disengaged from the metal of engine or we can say it flywheel. For hydraulic brake system and clutch system, a flexible pressure hoses or metal tubing are used. For this function, flexible tubing is required for short length so that it is adjacent to each wheel.

auto master cylinder

There is a reservoir above every master cylinder and there is brake fluid in the reservoir so that air cannot enter into the master cylinder. In modern systems the brake fluid is not only used but in typical clutches brake fluid is used and then it is referred as clutch fluid and it has clutch application. In modern trucks and cars usually one master cylinder is used for the brakes and they contain two pistons but this is not the case in some racing vehicles or classic vehicles. In old vehicles there are two separate master cylinders and each has one piston. Each piston of the master cylinder operates a brake. This case is unlike the modern trucks and passenger vehicles where a brake circuit usually leads to a brake caliper.

For the purpose of safety all this is done in order to ensure that only two wheels lose their brake ability and they should be fixed in a short time. This system gives small braking ability to the vehicle which is better than the no braking ability. All this is done to ensure the safety of passengers and we can save ourselves from accidents which occur due to brake failure.

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