How to choose the right tyres for your vehicle


The choice of tyres is not a trivial matter. There are a large number of manufacturers on the market who offer tyres for all kinds of vehicles. However, if the basic factors for choosing the right tyre are not known, mistakes are often made that undermine safety and economy. Before to go to the best tyres shop in Leeds, I will give you some tips that you should know:

  • Select the appropriate tyre size. All existing technology won’t help if you make a poor selection in the tyre size your vehicle requires. For more information on the design of your vehicle, please refer to the car’s Manual. You can also refer to the tyre manufacturers’ data-sheets.
  • Learn to read the tyre designation. A series of numbers and letters appear on the outside wall or outer layer of the tyre to give you information about the tyre’s characteristics.
  • When shopping for a tyre, it is important to take into account aspects such as price and quality. Sometimes consumers find high quality in the tyres they require, but the price is also high. Remember that it is better to buy tyres from authorized stores even if you have to pay a little more for them, as they will be able to guarantee the tyre.

Don’t forget to ask in the shop about these factors: the load capacity and traction of the tyres, estimated life in kilometres, operating temperature, warranty, etc.

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