How much does It Cost to Repair a Cracked Windshield?


Windshield repair could require you to spend some expenses according to how severe the crack it. Immediate action is needed because it can cause huge safety hazard and also be worsen. Ignoring the chip and crack could also let the debris and dirt get into your car, which also contributes to the pricier cost when you will repair the windshield.

Cracked windshield repair cost

The price and cost of repairing the cracked windshield will depend on the severity, the location of the crack, and the type of vehicle. Some cases only need to be fixed and the others need total windshield replacement, which will require more expensive budget. The price also depends on the glass company you have chosen. An auto glass repair company from Chicago offers replacement range starts from USD 70 up to USD 238 to repair chipped windshield as big as nickel size.

Repairing windshield is often covered by your car insurance but you need to check the policy first to make sure what type of area that will be covered by the insurance. Besides, most cases of deductible range from USD 250 to USD 500. However, the repair would cost less. So, you may expect the out-of-pocket bill for the full service of the repair and replacement.

Things to ask to the auto glass company

Before choosing a specific company to replace your windshield, there are several things you need to make sure from the company. But our staff will provide anything you need about windshield replacement. The things include:

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