Don’t have covered parking space?


Having a valuable automobile, but homeless can be challenging especially due to the effect of the weather. Exposing your car to rain and sun can cause greater damage not only to the body part but even to other areas of the car.  Probably you live in an apartment or condo; you don’t have an excuse not to prevent your car from environmental factors that may shorten your car lifespan.

Also, if you find it expensive to build a garage all at once, you can purchase materials in phases. For instance, you can start with domestic sectional door parts from a reputable dealer until you have all the necessary stuff to start building. However, before that time comes, below are tips that can help your car overcome challenges out there.

Purchase Car Covers

Looking for a good cover to protect your car can help prevent scratches, weather, dirt, and marks. The cover will also help to maintain your exterior body paint and extending its life. Don’t rush to by any cover you find in the market. The best cover should be dustproof, and waterproof as any other material that lets the water go through or the dust may cause hard to remove stains. The idea of having to cover your car and remove may seem like a hard one especially if doing it daily; however, it helps to prolong your car lifespan.

Avoid Parking under a Tree

Most often you will find motorists tempted to park their cars under a tree for fear of the scorching sun. While it protects your car, under a tree you will find old branches, leaves, fruits falling on your car exterior. Falling stuff may impact negatively the body of your car and don’t forget trees are a haven for birds, so the droppings fall on your windshield and the rooftop. If the droppings are left unattended, they harden and turn into an acid which corrodes your car body part.

Erect a Car Tent

If you are living in those areas where the garage was not factored, erecting a car tent can help protect your vehicle. The tents are affordable and easy to erect on your drive and they take similar space to that of your car, so rarely does it interfere with your neighbors drive. This idea is good if you are doing it temporarily as they wear out very fast, otherwise you will end up purchasing a lot of them.

Get a Portable Garage

You can opt for a portable garage before building a permanent one at your home. This garageis easy to setup and as you leave for work, you just need to fold it and that’s it. In fact, some can fit in your trunk and wherever you go, nothing should worry you about rain or sun; you unfold and protect your car.

Wash and Wax

Whenever you wash your car, as an alternative to protect and prolong the lifespan, apply wax on top. The wax helps to repel dust; sunrays and water on your car exterior. Something else to note is not to wash your car in haste without completely drying every part. Clear the debris and dirt on the belly side plus around the tire to prevent accumulation that may later lead to rust. Every time you wash, have with you a dry towel to wipe every part until you are certain to prevent any watermarks drying through natural air may leave a permanent mark.


Regardless of how you protect your car exterior, ensure the interior part is taken care of as well. Your car gives you service whenever you need it and taking good care of it will prolong its life. So, you don’t leave your car exposed to the elements out there, but a simple maintenance approach helps your car resemble just like those with permanent garage.

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