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Copper Or Aluminum Which One Is A Better Choice When It Comes To Radiators?


The radiator of your car has a lot to say in its overall performance. When you are buying a brand new car, you have hardly any say about the type of radiator that has been used in it by the manufacturer; but, while repairing or refurbishing your old car you always have the option to pick either the copper radiators or the aluminum ones. There has always been a debate on which one is better; and to tell the truth; there is no better one, both of them have their own pros and cons, so you need to pick according to your requirements. This article will give you a thorough idea about the plus points as well as the negative sides of both the Copper and Aluminum radiators, so that you can make an informed choice before spending on either of the two.

Aluminum Radiators:

Aluminum is one of the best alloys that mankind has created. Aluminum is extremely lightweight and it is also sturdy and can stand against different damaging conditions. One of the most prominent plus point of aluminum radiators over their copper counterpart is that they are much more cost friendly. An aluminum radiator can cost you around 30% to 40% less than a copper radiator with other similar features. As already said, Aluminum is very light in weight, and this is another point where it cleverly overtakes the copper ones, which are quite on the heavier side. The weight difference between aluminum radiators and copper radiators is also around 30-40% and hence it can really make a difference. One of the technical advantages that radiators made from aluminum enjoy is that they come with wider tubes compared to the copper made ones. On the negative side, radiators made up of aluminum are known for causing rust; and they are easier to break in case there is overheat in the vehicle. One more point that goes in the negative for aluminum ones, is that they are much difficult, hence costlier to repair than the copper ones.

aluminum radiators

Copper Radiators

To talk about the plus points of copper radiators the first thing to mention is that they are better at conducting heat. They are also superior when it comes to durability. Copper radiators offer long service and many times they need no replacement in a whole lifetime. They are not prone to cracking in case of vehicle overheat. One of the biggest negative side of copper radiators is that they are heavy, which makes them an unlikely option if you are trying to reduce the total weight of your vehicle, which can aid in its horsepower and fuel consumption. These radiators are also prone to clogging, because they bear smaller tubes.

Final Verdict

To conclude the above discussion it is to be mentioned that both the types of radiators have their goods and negatives, and you need to choose according to what kind of performance you are looking for.

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